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Yearly Women's Health Exam (Izmir)


I had a highly competent and professional gyne in Istanbul at the American Hospital, and after two weeks of trying to find one in Izmir, I'm ready to scream.

As I live in Balcova, I went to ILKE, but the indiscretion of the receptionists really put me off. Then, a colleague told me that she had reported the mammogram tech at ILKE for inappropriately touching her. Neither ILKE nor our insurer, Gunes Sigorta, have responded to her formal complaint.

Then, I phoned Karatas. Where I come from, Jewish run hospitals are top-notch, but I never got past the dip-stick on the phone. The receptionist at Karatas was completely incompetent! I don't speak Turkish; thus, my boyfriend was on the phone with her three times and she kept giving him incorrect information, not listening to him, and she hung up on him. In the end, she said that the mammogram machine was broken. Why couldn't she have said that in the first place? Also, she wouldn't tell us how much it would cost: she said we had to find out when we got to the appointment.

Can someone please recommend a good, competent hospital where I can get my yearly women's health exam from a competent, English speaking gyne and mammogram tech?

Many thanks!

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