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AFTER work events in Jakarta?!

Dear Jakarta fellows,
You are probably sick and tired of Forum threads like "what to do in JKT?", but honestly... what is there to do in JKT, especially during the week?

I just got relocated here and the first thing I realized is that the people aren't big fans of working overtime, therefore leave early to get stuck in the jam and still be home at 10 pm.

Thought this might be a great city for after work events as long as you make it to the venue before everyone leaves. Went for an event the other day where I left 1 hour earlier than planned, believing that I will be arriving 30 minutes early but turned out that I was 2 hours late. Event was over and most of the people gone.

So, anyone good tips for after work -
1) get togethers
2) parties - Any good parties during the week?
3) supper clubs - if not anyone interested? I live in the south, close to Gandaria City.
4) soccer or badminton clubs - what else is here to do?

I am also checking out the events posted on this homepage, but I was looking more into smaller groups and more regularly.

I am thankful for any advises and hope to catch up soon.


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