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An idea for new IN activity group... (Jakarta)


Hiya IN Jakarta
Well to cut long story short i have an idea for new activity group
which i would name Music is my muse

it is essentially a music reviewing and sharing group

members can contribute their reviews of albums they like
which i hope to generate some discussions and new requests as well

and finally when it has like 8 to 10 members interested to share in bulks then we can organize music sharing session with members bringing hard disks or cds to rip, set in a comfortable setting over coffee!

i think this would encourage spirit of sharing in a friendly setting with an enjoyable theme
in fact it will only work if everyone is committed to the basic idea of truly sharing all of yours to get more of your liking

but of course if you do not have a collection certainly you can come and start a collection from there, in fact we can all share tips on how to acquire good music with least expense and fuss!!

IN admins were also saying that perhaps i can carry out concert-going activites to fulfill the once-a-month activity requirement

So yea anyone keen on this idea, please show some support by giving a like or comment to help convince the admins to facilitate the birth of this group hehe ^^

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