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are your sales team loosing you money??? (Jakarta)

Just want to put this out to the floor and see what other peoples views are, positive and negative alike will all be taken on board. Ive been testing companies out in indonesia for sales, and i mean worldwide global companies including prestigious car companies. I was calling up for over two weeks pretending to be a buyer and begging for someone to call me back. I even emailed the general managers begging to be called back by sales because i was an interested buyer. For all they knew i was the real deal they had no idea i was doing my own project. Only one company actually called me back.

I looked on a general managers linked in and it said her job was to ensure they find new leads and make sure the staff turn those leads into closed deals and so on it went. This led me to believe that her linked in was gash, and her ceo clearly had no idea just how much money they are missing out on on a dailly basis.

I found in most of my calls, that because these were prestigious companies, that they had a more socialite "you need me i dont need you" attitude which is clearly appalling in sales if your aim is to make your company number one and maximise sales. The others were just so lazy i couldn't believe they had made it out of bed and into the office. Does anyone else see that over here sales are being missed every minute of everyday due to laziness and bad attitudes or is it just accepted? Would really like to hear all views on it. All the best, Ryan.

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