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Bahasa Indonesia Tutoring (Online and In-Person) (Jakarta)

Hi I'm Sri Lestari, I'm a certified native Indonesian teacher living in Jakarta. I have been teaching Indonesian online and in person for the past three years and have a wealth of experience. I'm strongly committed to helping Indonesian language learners improve their language skills. I can help you with all facets of Indonesian (reading/writing/speech/pronunciation and grammar), and if you're interested I can give you an insight into Indonesian culture.

As a language learner myself I understand problems students encounter, so please do not be afraid to study with me. If you're interested in having language lessons with me please let me know (approximately) which level you are (how much you've studied and where), as well as your language goals (what do you want to improve/what do you aim to achieve) so that I can prepare relevant language learning material that best suits your needs.

I offer: ***Informal tutoring (guided conversation talking about current events or topics you might find interesting, mistakes correction, and explanation about things you don't understand) Professional lessons:- General Indonesian courses - Indonesian for beginner/intermediate/advanced learners - Reading course- This course focuses on expanding vocabulary through reading articles, books, and short story- Survival Indonesian (for traveler), and Colloquial Jakartan (if you are interested in getting some insights into Indonesian language used in informal context)

**I have structured material and my sessions are suitable for absolute beginners or those who have previously learned bahasa Indonesia. *** I will mostly speak bahasa Indonesia during the class to help you get familiar with the sound of the Indonesian language and gain some real experience speaking with native speaker. Please do contact me if you have any queries.

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