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Fellow foreigners, please be extra careful with local banks if you are using one. I am using BCA BANK since i moved to Indonesia in Protected content .

Someone hacked my debit / atm card and made huge amount of transactions, transactions made outside Indonesia while I am in Indonesia. Security and safety of this bank is obviously weak. The transactions were irregular, the bank should have noticed that and alerted me through my mobile phone. The bank obviously allowed it to happened so the hacker went on for 3 days until my months worth of salary was wiped out.

I reported this to Halo BCA but their costumer service is the WORSE SERVICE I have ever experienced in my entire life. No instructions, no updates, no actions, all they kept telling me was to wait for the analyst to review the case. I followed up and the analyst were either busy with another call or on a break. I requested for the analyst to return my calls BUT THEY NEVER DID. There is no SENSE OF URGENCY!!! Protected content days of no action from this bank, I had ask my friends and friends of friends and officemates if they know anyone who is at senior level at BCA BANK as I am desperate to escalate this issue. I got some names today and escalated this issue. But still no update as to how BCA BANK plans to resolve this issue. No indications that BCA BANK will return the money stolen from me.

If anyone here can help me escalate this and help speed up this process, I would greatly appreciate it. I just wanted the money stolen from me returned and I'll never deal with this bank ever again.

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