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Be Careful With Ensogo Online Shop (Jakarta)


Just want to share my experience and wondering if other people experiencing the same thing.
I love to shop online. But only in the major e-commerce sites. For vouchers or maybe cute stuffs, Ensogo (previously LivingSocial) or Groupon Indonesia can be an option.

Both are usually reliable. I have never experienced problem with Groupon Indo. Even sometimes, the things i bought arrive ahead of schedule. But yeah...with Ensogo, i had many problems. Late arrival of things usually. But i never minded this, since what i bought are something inexpensive, such as cute USB's, power banks and so on.
But recently, last December, they had a nice promotion for the new GoPro Hero 4, still Rp6mill in market, but they sell it for 5mill. Considering the price, i rushed to buy. Charge to my credit card which at the end of the month already inside my billing.

The terms said delivery will be in 2 period, until 15 January. After Christmas, i started wondering, which period am i in. Try to contact them thru the live chat feature from their web. Hard to connect. Keeps waiting in a queue for hours. Sometimes until suddenly disconnect on one side. Try the phone customer service, the same thing. Try the track packages feature, keeps error.

I even tried to email to the email address they usually give to confirm payment and delivery. Still no answer after days passed.
After the new year, i started more anxious.'s the first time i bought something that amount in a online shop. So the possibilities of nondelivery can also be high. Tried all the same thing, still no answer. Then i checked their twitter account. Found many people complaining the same thing. Even worst....bought stuff since November Protected content never arrive until now. What a joke!

So yeah...i started to use my twitter account to complaint to them. Asking for their responsibility as the so-called "SEA's bigget e-commerce site" to do something to handle my complaint and other people's as well.

Their CS emailed me and informed that until now, the logistic haven't confirmed the availability of the GoPro Hero 4 i bought. I wonder....they didn't really have the things yet. Maybe they just sold a fictive one. And considering that the USD price is up so sudden, they can't but this camera to fulfill order. What another joke!!

So yeah...instead of making my self more furious, i asked for full refund. They said the process will take Protected content . Let see if they are keeping their words.
But to be honest, i prefer not to trust them again. For anything at all.
Does anyone has the same experience?

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