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Can anyone help me to find him? (Jakarta)

Hi, Everybody
My name is Yo.. from Thailand.

On last New Year, me and my friend had traveled to Vang Vieng, Laos. We went to Sakura Bar for celebrating New Year's Eve and I had a chance to talk with Japanese guy. He is very nice and friendly. He told me that he thought people in Jakatar how to make chocolate, kind of volunteer or expatriation from Japan. After the party, He asked me a Line ID in order to keep in touch and I decided to give him.
We didn't see each other again until January 2nd, I was sitting at coffee shop in Vientien waiting for my bus and i saw him walking pass by. He told me to delete all privacy because he couldn't search my id. However, it's my foolish that I forget to reset my privacy settings until I arrived my home...actually I saw him again at Laos's border but I didn't go to talk to him because he seems quite in a rush and I'm a little bit late for my bus. And that the last time I saw him.
I'm not sure he try to search my id again or not. But if he did, I would like to tell him I didn't mean to block him and I really like to talk to him again.

I decided to post this because I think it might be nice if we have a chance to talk again. At least I try...

If anyone can help me find him or give him my message..I would be really thankful. Actually I know his name but I don't want to tell in here.

And that is my story.
Thank you ver much for reading and very sorry if this message bother you.
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