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Cars! (Jakarta)


Hello everybody! I am currently living in Doha, Qatar and will be making the leap to Jakarta next summer. I know it's a bit early, but I am trying to get some info on a few things so we are prepared. One thing I have already discovered is the price of cars! Obviously, nutso bonkers! We have the means to buy a good car and with two growing boys something big would be good. I am tempted to budget for a Fortuner or comparable for the space and extra seats. I also thought that high ground clearance might prove useful.
Would you recommend going all in on something pricey (looks like they maintain their value) or is it just not worth it? Does a large car attract unwarranted - ahem - attention from those seeking a backhander?
Not trying to be negative - we are looking forward immensely to Jakarta, just trying to be practical! All responses greatly appreciated.

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