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Coffee/meal meetups? (Jakarta)

I've been to a couple of InterNations events, enjoyed meeting people & appreciate the work that went into them. I don't make it to every one though, partly because I'm a bit out of town, and partly because I don't drink much and don't have the right nose for smoky environments.

I wonder if maybe smaller groups of people would be into meetups over a meal or a coffee, perhaps focused around areas of common interest? E.g. for me, I'd be particularly interested in meeting in fellow geeks, and anyone working in sustainability, development or public health.

Just a suggestion, and not as a replacement for the main meetups - just an occasional extra. They wouldn't have to be extra work for the organizers either - we could do it on an ad hoc basis.

Either way - really appreciate the events, and the connections I've made through InterNations, and looking forard to more. Thanks!

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