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Connected Friends.... (Jakarta)

I saw many members "is now connected" with other members on start page.

Does it mean that you make friends with them ? Is there any further communication with them ? Or just a symbol?

What I see... Being connected with a lot of people, it does not mean that you have a lot of friends here as no any further communication. Even when you together attend the same event.. are you talking with your connected friends? At least just say hi to each other?

I have few friends from IN, we talk and we meet, but ironically they are not "connected friends", even some finally become my business colleagues, and some only friends to talk to and share same interest and experiences. Very nice.....

Of course it would be nice if we could maximize the use of connected friends, to improve from just connected symbol become a virtual friend and then to be real friends....

So... anyone has different experience with me about your "connected friends"?

Any comments are most welcome... (if any..)

Good day everyone.

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