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December -- Let's share the love!! (Jakarta)

December is coming and this is the time to spare a moment from our busy life to share our love with those who need it most. Together with some friends we plan to visit a home care of multiple disabilities “Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung” in Cimanggis.
People being treated at the home care come from different ethnic and religious background. Most of them are suffered from physical and brain disabilities (moderate or severe, occurs after birth) and abandoned by their parents since they were babies.
For more information please visit Protected content or message me.
The visit will be conducted on Saturday, 15th December Protected content , at 10am.
We invite anyone who wants to participate to make donations in form of money and goods. Your donation of any amount or any useful goods (clothes, general medicine such as for cold and headache, the first aid kits, vitamins, food) would be a great help for the orphanage to continue providing care for the disabled children and adults. Am sure you have one of two pieces of unused clothes that you want to donate , please PM me. All donations will be reported back in details.
It’s such a great feeling to make people smile, so let’s share the love! 

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