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Does Australia Owe Indonesia An Apology? (Jakarta)


Now into its fourth day, the crisis resulting from the Snowden released documents proving that the same kind of spying the US was accused of on Germany also occurred by Australia against Indonesia is heating up.

Australia refuses to apologize, and some groups in Indonesia are calling for outright war against Australia.

As the largest and most economically sound ASEAN country, and G-20 member, Indonesia seems to me to only be looking for some “face saving” that only OZ can offer, yet Australia is steadfastly refusing to offer any sort of formal apology.

This crisis has a very good chance of getting worse for OZ, as it seems that OZ has additional Asian and SE Asian countries on its “target list” for spying. This particular development is “raw news” and the implications of OZ being caught red handed spying on multiple Asian/SE Asian countries beyond Indonesia (its closest neighbor) is highly significant, and with vast implications for regional stability. Protected content

While I personally doubt that any of this could develop into military action of any sort, the economic implications are vast…and, if the rumors bear out (other ASEAN, SE Asian and Asian countries were also target by OZ) which is highly plausible, (almost certain), then it is OZ which stands to potentially suffer the most.

Does it really hurt to say, “sorry” all that much and work hard to putting this to bed?

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