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Domestic Staff Training Service’ (Jakarta)

Living in Indonesia can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, however the first few months are critical in the settling-in process and much needs to be done to ensure the success of your stay here. Most expatriates employ domestic staff to assist during their stay here, due to their modest costs. However most domestic staff have limited English and perhaps little or no prior training, and therefore it is a challenge for most expatriates to train the staff to meet their own specific requirements. This is where Santa Fe can assist by providing our ‘Domestic Staff Training Service’. The training provided by this service includes but is not limited to -
• Hiring Assistance - we can provide sample contracts / assist during the interview process. Arrange for medical checks if required and discuss employer obligations (THE, severance, holidays, BPJS, medical, funeral etc.)
• Translation services – we can assist with communications between you and your domestic staff.
• Setting Weekly Work Schedule – we can help setup a weekly schedule for all staff (maids, cooks, gardener, pool, driver) if required
• Setting Weekly Meal Schedule – We can help set up a weekly schedule for meals – breakfast, lunch and dinners, and preparation of a shopping list for these meals.
• Kitchen Hygiene & Cleanliness – teaching the food handlers / cooks how to maintain a healthy kitchen in food preparation / handling, and how to avoid cross contamination for those with food allergies.
• Emergency Preparedness – teaching domestic staff how to react in an emergency situation – i.e. fire; poisoning; accident etc. Also tech them proper use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets (also we can purchase these if you don’t already have them).
• Paying Bills & Money Handling – setting up systems and training domestic staff to assist pay bills (i.e. PLN electricity top-ups) and handle money
• Set Up Weekly/Monthly Shopping List – for regular grocery items and identification on any special products required due to food allergies
• Suggest Practical Tips & Advise on Household Hazards - based on survey of your home.
• Educate Staff on Minimising Electricity Usage – electricity in Indonesia is relatively expensive. By implementing some basic guidelines we can assist to reduce monthly electricity costs.
• Laundry Training – training staff to avoid ‘laundry disasters’
• Mosquito / Pest Prevention – provide instructions to the staff to help reduce mosquitos and other pests
• Nanny training – provide specialised training for nannies, specific to your requirements
• AWA Indonesian Words & Phrases Guide – provided to you free as part of this service
• English Training – we can arrange for English courses for your staff (training fee & certificate is additional)
• First Aid Training – we can arrange in-home training of first aid basics (training fee & certificate is additional)
This service is offered based on standard two day service at your residence (additional days optional) plus one month of email/telephone assistance if required.
For a quotation and further information, please email Protected content

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