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Emergency Blood Bank – Looking for 2 Volunteers (Jakarta)

Expatriate Emergency Blood Donor Committee – Looking for 2 Volunteers

Rh-negative blood type is rare among Indonesians, but almost 15% of Caucasians have this blood type.

The Indonesian Red Cross (IRC) keeps stock of this blood type and sometimes needs the help of the expatriate community to be able to do so.

For this purpose information about Rh-negative donors is vital, and the Expatriate Emergency Blood Donor Committee was formed at the request of the IRC for this purpose. If registered, your chance of being called as a donor is small but those with rhesus-negative blood are highly encouraged to register their presence in Indonesia.

We are currently looking for 2 volunteers to keep the list up to date and to be the contact persons for facilitating the communication with the IRC.

Please let us know if you are interested. Email: Protected content

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