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Entrepreneurs Termination of Worker (Jakarta)

Indonesian Law Regulation No. 13 of Protected content
Concerning Manpower

Entrepreneurs Termination of Worker

Article 158

1. Entrepreneurs can terminate working relations with workers/labor with the reason that
the said workers/labor commit serious mistakes as follows:

a. Deceit, robbery or embezzlement of corporate goods and/or money;
b. Providing false of falsified information thus inflicting loss on company;
c. Being drunk, drinking alcoholic drink, consuming and or distributing narcotics,
psychotropic and other additives within the working environment;
d. Immortal actions or gambling within the working environment;
e. Attacking, torturing, threatening or intimidating fellow workers or entrepreneurs
within the working period;
f. Persuading fellow workers or entrepreneurs to commit actions contravening
g. Damaging or letting carelessly or intentionally corporate property in a dangerous
condition thus inflicting loss on company;
h. Letting fellow workers or entrepreneurs carelessly or intentionally in a dangerous
condition in the working period;
i. Revealing or disclosing corporate secret which should be kept in secrecy unless
otherwise in the interest of the state; or
j. Other deeds within the corporate environment, which are liable to imprisonment
for 5 (five) years or more.
(2) The serious mistakes as meant in paragraph Protected content be supported by the following
a. Workers/labor are caught in red handed.
b. The said workers/labor concede;
c. Other evidences in the form of incident report made by the authorized party in the
said company and supported by at least 2 (two) witnesses.
(3) Workers/labor having their working relations terminated on the basis of the reasons
as meant in paragraph Protected content obtain the right compensation as meant in Article 156
paragraph (4).
(4) In addition to the right compensation according to the provision in Article 156
paragraph (4), separate money shall also be granted to the workers/labor as meant
in paragraph (1), whose task and function do not represent interest of entrepreneurs
directly with the amount and implementation being regulated in working agreement,
corporate rule or collective working agreement.


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