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Expat possible to obtain work permit for husband (Jakarta)


I am a deaf American that will be volunteering at the UIN-suka university in Yogyakarta in Protected content . I believe the university will be sponsoring me in obtaining a limited stay permit.

My husband on the other hand, will not be covered under the university although they will permit him to stay with me in the accommodation provided by them. I would like for him to get a limited stay working permit. It seems it may be very difficult to obtain this as we do not have any contacts or any jobs offered for him. Also, he has been the President of the Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf for the past 12 years but only has a high school education. How may I figure out how to go about in obtaining something for him, and to have him to be productive while with me in Indonsia rather than just sitting around while I am volunteering at the university?

Thank you for any advice you may give

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