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Expat recommendations (Jakarta)

This was posted by an expat who is leaving Jakarta soon -
"A shout-out to my favorite service providers that have made my last 3 years in Jakarta way more enjoyable:
Pedicures -- Lili, a very efficient and cleannail technician, makes house calls on the weekends, just send her an sms, Rp 80,000 pedi, Rp 70,000 meni:
Lili Pedicure Mobile: Protected content
Hair salons:
My favorite place is an Italian guy running atight shop near Block M. While they are working on your hair, you can get your pedis done as well. I usually tell them that I have only 2 hours and then Ihave to go, just to keep them on top of it.
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Alfons, Hair Business: Protected content
Sticker shock in Grand and Plaza Indonesia? Try the factory outlets near the office. Banana republic dress shirt for 100.000, anyone?
-Blossoms, just south of the pacific place mall, in the same building as the Pizza Hut. It is relatively well organized.
-Factory Fashion Outlet, on the left (east) side of the Semanggi Expo building, which is the next building south of the Pizza Hut building. If you are coming from BEJ, cross the parking lot diagonally. The store is huge, it takes a bit of digging through but a lot of stuff and great deals.
- German Embassy Clinic: For non-urgent health matters I usually do not drag myself to SOS, but head straight to the German Embassy clinic (right next to the mandarin oriental hotel). It has great German doctors, a reliable lab on site, they provide the medication as well, really excellent. Its office hours are rather limited, mornings M-FR but they do open early and I can be in and out in no time before I head to the office. As of Jul Protected content , they have put a note that they cannot service US and Canadian citizen(for vague insurance reasons) but I have had colleagues who have asked for a consultation but not treatment and were able to see the doctor.
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Dr German embassy Business: Protected content Wex Mo-Fr Protected content only,
dr Baas pediatrician M TH Protected content only 07/09/ Protected content
-Pediatricians recommended by families at theWorld Bank. In Protected content , a colleague surveyed several parents in the World Bank. The responses are here:
Protected content "

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