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Finding a job - where to start? (Jakarta)


Hi everyone!
This is my first message here in the forum :) And by the way, sorry for my rusty english (just in case I commit some mistakes in the writing :) )

I´m new here in the comunity, so I think that would be a great opportunity to post this message.

Right now I´m looking for some extra information and tips, becausa I´ll be probably moving to Jakarta in the next months (my boyfriend will be starting as a pilot) so I would appreciate some tips about how to find job. I really don´t know where to start! Are there any specific web sites?

I have a masters degree in school and educational psychology, so what would you think is the best way for me to start doing some research and connections in this area? Should I send emails to schools? Clinics?

I would really enjoy if you could give me some orientation!

Many thanks,

Kiss to all of you

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