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Finding apartme in JKT...Senopati? Kemang? Others? (Jakarta)

Hi all,

I just arrived in Jakarta and I am looking for an apartment considering some elements:

- The bad news is that we will move from my current office to another one in a few months, so I look for something between the 2 places. The current one is on World Trade Center and the future one will be in block M.
- As I don't have family (just my gf and me), I look for something very close to the offices to avoid traffic. I thought that Senopati could be a good option (???)
- I also look for a place with good facilities to go out (restaurants, malls sport etc) close to the apartment.

I already visit the Pakubuwono residences, very great but perhaps a bit far away, and few things to go out close to the buildings...

What do you think is the best option?

Thanks for your help!

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