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How cam I find... (Jakarta)

Hi everyone.
I'm from Japan and new to here in Jakarta.
First of all, I'm looking for community which I can play futsal just for fun.
Actually I've already searched by myself asking my friends in office and through internet but I've found out that it is quite difficult except for joining to play in the real League.
I just want to exercise and having fun not that like the serious one.
Would any of you know where and how can I find such community?
Or if any of you guys have such community, I wanna ask to join for it.

In addition, do you know where is the good place for having beer alone around Jakarta? I just want to jump into the bar or drinking places to make new friends or broaden community but it seems that it's not like that culture here as I did in other countries...
Since most of employee in my office lives in out of Jakarta that it's a bit difficult to hang out with them, so I'm still don't know and struggling what to do on weekends...

I would appreciate for any information.
Thank you.


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