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How to do financial and company background checkes (Jakarta)


I'm wondering what and where do I find the services for credit checking and other information regarding corporate and personal entities.
Mostly for background checks before entering a contract or extending terms to them.

For clarity on what I'm looking for, the equivalent in Malaysia is:

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Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is a statutory body which regulates companies and businesses and also provide company and business information to the public. (Like audited P&L summaries, director and share ownerships etc)
Companies Commission of Malaysia in English.
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Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) is the computerised database maintained at the Credit Bureau, Bank Negara Malaysia since Protected content the Bank of Malaysia Act Protected content . Financial institutions in Malaysia will send a monthly report of all their borrowers to the Credit Bureau.

CTOS is a Credit Reporting Agency which privately runs a database maintaining information on legal proceedings against individuals and business entities in Malaysia. (Bankruptcies, suits etc)

Dishonoured Cheque Information System (DCHEQS) is a computerised database system developed and maintained by Bank Negara to collect, process, store and generate information related to dishonoured cheques.

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The real most important ones are the SSM and CTOS equivalent, but if you guys know something like the rest, I'd like to know.


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