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Im new - hello! (Jakarta)


Hi there
My husband has been asked to go to Jakarta on an accompanied assignment. We have two children 8 and 2.

We currently live in the UK. We have to decide quite soon if we are going to take up the offer but I am hesitating mostly because of the children. Hope I can find another Mom/Dad who have moved to Jakarta that can answer my questions:

1. I would probably send the kids to the British school so that they stick to the curriculum that they know - any experiences with this school?

2. I have read that the water is really bad and would worry that the kids would get sick, do you bath your kids in bought water?

3. From what Ive read most Expats live in South Jakarta, what are the shops like and is there a good fresh selection of trusted meats and vegetables - those living there already probably are shaking your heads - but I am concerned and would like to continue a good healthy diet.

4. If your children do get sick what is the healthcare like ?- for example my little one recently got a bad tummy bug that was going around here in the UK and although she was being well looked after she still needed to be monitored in hospital as she couldn't keep any fluids down - what would happen there in that situation, would you have to seek medical care elsewhere?

Sorry about all the questions - I have lived in other countries so I don't take all that is written on the net as gospel but am concerned that I will be putting my kids at risk , I have lived in UK, Ireland, Bahrain and SA

Many thanks

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