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Indonesian married overseas - what next? Pls HELP (Jakarta)

Hi there!

My husband is foreign, I am indonesian and we got married in Europe a few years ago with a prenuptial agreement regarding property (which is in the indonesian language and provides that the laws of indonesia apply to it) signed in Europe between us before we got married, but we did not know we had to register our marriage or prenuptual agreement at the Indonesian Consulate or Embassy or in Indonesia. Since we got married we leave outside Indonesia.

1. Can we report/register now our marriage at the Embassy / Consulate although some years past since we got married?
2. Can we also report/register now our prenuptual agreement, when we register our marriage, which was made outside Indonesia, but is in the Indonesian language and says that Indonesian law will govern it? Is there anything else we need to do for it to be valid in Indonesia?
3. What exactly do we need to do? What documents do we need for these registrations?
4. What documents do we need to get from the Consulate or Embassy to prove we did register both the marriage and the prenuptial agreement?
5. What do we need to do when in future we go to indonesia, do we need to register again the marriage and prenuptial agreement? Do we need to go both together to register these?
6. My passport is valid for another few years but my KTP is expired now - can I renew my KTP at the Consulate or Embassy or do I need to do it in indonesia when in future I go?
7. Are there any time limits for the reporting/registrations with the indonesian consulate or embassy for marriages outside indonesia and prenuptial agreements?
Is there any time limit for renewing the KTP when I leave outside indonesia or my indonesian passport once expired - or I can renew the KTP when I go to indonesia in the future and my passport before I need to travel?
8. Finally, we have children now - do we have to report/register them at the indonesian consulate or embassy or can we just get them a passport (can thor put them on mine) before they travel sometime in the future to indonesia? What documents would we need to show for them and what document to get from the consulate or embassy? Also, what would we need to do when we go with them sometime in the future to indonesia?

Looking forward to your response. Please help me to know these information/facts and so have peace of mind! Any answers you can give me to any of the above questions would be appreciated greatly. Thank you!

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