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International schools status in Indonesia? (Jakarta)



I am a foreign citizen married legally with an Indonesian wife.

We have kids who have been attending French schools.

our kids have both passports obviously including the Indonesian one.

we have been trying to register our kids in an international school in Jakarta very recently but we found out the following:

- a new decree has been issued by the ministry of education: Indonesian kids have no longer access to international schools. In fact when in the past it was possible to apply online for a derogation to the ministry of education, this is no longer accepted by the school.

- the school requires the kids to be registered with their foreign passport. A foreign passport must be provided, with of course a KITAS as a proof of residence.

I do not have any issues to get a KITAS for myself I have been here for a long period of time and I know how it works. However nobody seems to be able to explain to us or tell us how is it possible to get a KITAS for the kids who have already their Indonesia passports?

this new regulation is just.......

if parents out there are dealing with the same issue please respond we are looking for help. Who do we contact or go to in order to be able to get the kids accepted by the school?

thanks in advance

Sami and Netty.

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