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Internet access and building management monopoly (Jakarta)


Hello, Anybody living in Thmarin Residence or Thamrin Executive??
I'm about renting an apartment there. The owner tells me that the internet connection has to be done by the building management office. then, when I asked the prices and speeds available, he surprised me with that:
Up to Protected content Rp. 330.000
Up to Protected content Rp. 440.000
Up to Protected content Rp. 1.100.000
Up to 1 Mbps Rp. 1.650.000
I find it a steal!! I asked Telkom and their prices are
1Mbps Rp 245.000
2Mbps Rp 345.000
3Mbps Rp 425.000
3 times the speed of the building management office, for 4 times less price.
Telkom says that I need an authorization from that office to allow them to provide me internet.
I can't believe that it is legal. Even the owner should advise that conditions before renting the apartment.
May the have a monopoly legally?
I don't know yet the prices for the rest of services they provide: water, electricity, gas....if the prices are abusive like internet I wont cancel the rent. I rather loss the deposit than paying so much and feeling like a fool.
Thank you for any help.

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