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Internet | Jeeps | and Apartments in South Jakarta


Hey everyone! I'm new to the internations Jakarta family! I've been looking at all the helpful articles and have several questions about South Jakarta as my husband and I will be moving there in just a few short months from America! I've outlined all of my questions below! Experts and expats I need your advice :)

Internet + Cell Phone Service:
We currently have AT+T cell phone service but would like to know of options for cell phone service in Indonesia. Also, what is the average cost of internet and how soon is it able to be installed? What is the best service? Are there English speaking companies?

Jeeps, getting around town:
Very curious on how we would get around town. I've been seeing lots expat blog posts on having drivers and the fact that there is lots of traffic. What is the best way to get around? I wouldn't want to show up to work late or not be able to explore/ travel the surrounding island with my husband. Are Jeeps accessible and how much does an average used truck like a Jeep cost? My husband would definitely need to get around and be able to pick me up from work on the daily.

How much is the average apartment cost? My new job will provide temporary housing but I am definitely looking forward to having an apartment that we can settle into. Are all apartments furnished or include all utilities and internet?

Thanks in advance for reading this post! Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S. Also would anyone be able to share information on a sponsor as my husband may need on I would like to be able to have one on file that could answer my questions.

Thank you all!

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