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JIS sexual abuse case a hoax?? (Jakarta)


I just read some disturbing facts about the sexual abuse allegations that was directed at the cleaners at JIS :
1.the case was filed on 24th March Protected content even in case as big as this, the police did not visit JIS until 1st April Protected content request by the parent "TPW" who were the one filling charges.
2.the 4 year old child who in the report was alledgedly sodomized by 5 different men in several occasions without protection never did suffer any physical injuries nor was ever afflicted with any sexually transmitted diseases which according to doctor is impossible
3.the first "batch" of cleaners who confessed were never accompanied by any lawyers and was possibly tortured by the police
4. evidence brought forward is a medical test done in june Protected content the crime was supposedly in january Protected content thus is 1.5 years apart
5. the parent who filed charges are consistently directing the police and was suing for damages starting with 12.5 mil USD that was raised to Protected content USD later on

i really hope truth will come to light in this case and really if it were true that this case is a wrongful accusation against JIS, then i think the parent should be heavily punished because this kind of allegations really brought down indonesia's name !!

and besides really what kind of parent will have the heart to subject their child to medical checks and investigations for any amount of money??? definitely the parent will have to release their rights of custody as well for taking severe actions that are severely against the interest of the child!!

and definitely if found to be a wrongful accusation then the whole police department should be deeply ashamed for having collaborated with the parent to bully helpless and ignorant cleaners!!

that said, my information may be limited, feel free to provide corrections that are based from valid facts of the incident..

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