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Less traffic in fasting month (Jakarta)

I just came to think while driving (along the road from the east to central south, central south - eastern south, eastern south - out of Jakarta meaning airport, then from there back to the east), that yesterday was probably the best road traffic to date (meaning no traffic jam by the way, apart from stopping a bit for traffic light, lol)!!! I can't really recall of what happened last year with the road in the same season of fasting. I guess the fact that no matter I go there is always parking lot everywhere (you know what I mean ^^)

This is what I thought (jokingly) that whether the new governor has really managed the traffic or whether it's due to the fasting month. Well it's more likely the fasting month though. And for that matter, I wish the fasting month can be longer than a month :). Of course there'll be another consequences (no further details needed explanation).

What do you think?

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