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LF job in Bandung,Jakarta, or overseas


I'm male, 29 years old Chinese Indonesian. Just went back from China, I lived there for study in the past 4.5 years, I just finished my master degree on International Trade from Wuhan University in January Protected content , my bachelor degree in University Parahyangan Bandung was Computer Science. I arrived in Indonesia 10 days ago and now looking for full time employment in Bandung, Jakarta area, or overseas. Currently I live in Bandung but will be willing to relocate to Jakarta or overseas. My hobbies are sleeping, sport (mainly swimming and bodybuilding) and watching Daily Show/Colbert Report.

For my background and work experience, I helped my parents with their family business in Protected content . Then I left for China and in Protected content ran a small export-import business with some friends, I also did some part time job as translator, tour guide, and buyer. I was appointed as assistant professor in Wuhan University for International/English class to teach foreign students in English for World Economy courses in Protected content . I travel around China for various purposes so I'm pretty familliar with the country, especially Guangzhou.

I consider myself a hardworker, pretty resillient in overcoming challenges, and a forthright person. I'm also pretty good at managing people, strategic planning, and educating people. As for my language skills I think my English is pretty good although my grammar isn't perfect, my Chinese isn't as good as my English (decent conversational skill, but some problem with reading and hand writing).

I'm really interested in the trading sector (as you may have notice from my major) but I'm also open but not limited to other sector such as business, translator, sales, marketing, and education. If you are interested for further information such as salary request, cv, and other stuff please use private message or mail me at Protected content .


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