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LittleSound - Personal Audio Store (Jakarta)

LittleSound is a Personal Audio Store located in Lippo Mall Puri L1, Puri Indah, West Jakarta.

We specialize in selling Digital Audio Player, Headphone and Earphones. Wired or wireless. We carry the following brands: Astell & Kern, Sony, Oppo Headphone, Audeze, Jabra, Master & Dynamics, and more. All products we sell comes with full and official waranty.

Our store is open daily 10: Protected content everyday, including holidays.

Come and 'audition' our products. Audition means demo unit available for testing. No purchase necessary, just a good conversation about music listening experience, probably like you have never experienced before.

Feel free to drop by to the store for a consultation on what personal audio equipment you should get for yourself or family.

Music is an important and integral part of daily lives. With music, we can find relaxation, boost of energy, and even creative ideas. And in our store we sell the listening tools with passion and makes the music comes to life.

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