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LOL for awhile.... (Jakarta)

Traffic jam today in Jakarta is enough to make us stress, either for you who drive a car or you with your driver.

I just shared my joke to release a little bit our stress and lets us smile or even laugh if you think it's funny.....

Good day everyone....

A guy from Sweden, Mr. Bjorn Brown went to China on duty for 2 weeks.
He works hard everyday.. Just come and go to office wihtout holiday bcos he wants to finish the job soon and be back to Stockholm.

The job is finished, the result is very good. He satisfied with his job. He wants to celebrate his achievements.
He calls his secretary which is so far he does not pay attention too much, and he just realized that he has cute secretary, Liem.

Brown : I am happy with the achievement and I want to invite you for dinner tonight.

Liem : hao..hao..

Brown : I'd be happy if you come for me..(smitten)

Liem : hao..hao..

Brown : great.. You are so wonderful..

Liem : hao..hao..

Brown : So, would you pls to give me your phone number?.. (heart beating)

Liem : hao.. hao.. (then she looks like to remember something and suddenly she says) Sex sex sex free sex tonight

Brown : what ????? wow wow

Liem nervous and confuse seeing Brown reaction. Then she take a pen and little note and write : Protected content

Brown takes a deep breath...

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