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Looking for a 'business partner' (Jakarta)

Hi everyone :)
Glad to be here :)

I'm fishing around for advice and information...
I am on the lookout for a very specific pair of shoes, which I know is owned by a good many people, seeing as it's a very standard product at a popular store in Jakarta.
The shoes are no longer being made, and so I will be buying them second-hand directly from those who have bought it at least 5 months ago.

The hard part is finding these people who have purchased the shoe. I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I don't know the how, at all !

Ideally, I would have someone experienced in finding things like this, to help me.
I'm willing to pay a good sum to anyone successful at finding these shoes.
If you're curious as to why I'd go through all this trouble, it matters a lot to me as I can meet a lot of obstacles obtaining shoes that really fit and feel comfortable, especially somewhere like Jakarta where I may have a slightly larger than average shoe size.
So, if you can get the job done, or know anyone who can, contact me at Protected content or Protected content LinkedIn (Agnes McKingley).
I don't know what kind of price could entice someone to help me, but I'm looking to get at least 5 pairs of the exact same shoe, and thinking maybe Rp 1 million upon reception of the goods, might be a fair deal. What do you all think?

Best of wishes, and ANY input would be most welcome! (Not to sound desperate, but really any advice would be good at this point!)

Love to all,

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