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Looking for a good nanny ? (Jakarta)


Aren't we all?

But would you trust a complete stranger to look after your children? One with no formal training or background checks? Then why do we do it with our nannies? If the answer is "because we have no choice" then read on:

If like me, you have found it super hard to find good, reliable English speaking nannies in Jakarta, maybe I can help.

After some very bad experiences with so-called 'nanny agencies', I started to search out and assemble the best EXPERIENCED, recommended and TRAINED nannies currently available for work in Jakarta.

All the nannies I recommend have been met face-to-face formally, submitted a CV, copy of ID and agreed to a check on their work references.

We then provide practical training for nannies with any skills gaps; such as first-aid, emergency procedures, basic child-care principles, hygiene and safety, based on formal assessments.

Why settle for anything less?

Employers are also expected to provide adequate employment standards for nannies and we provide guidelines to help you create the right learning environment for your children.

If you have a suitable position available then email:
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