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Looking for a Housing solution. (Jakarta)

Hello to everyone!

I am an expat currently living in South Jakarta , but will move out in the end of June as i am panning to move in with my girlfriend.

We are looking for an house, which can be comfortable for two people.

The main issues are the following:

1)My office is in Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta (Near RCTE), while she currently lives and works near Lippo Karawaci.

2)I need to attend meetings in Central Jakarta on a regular basis as well.

3) We would like to live in a nice area, which is well connected to facilities like malls, etc.

We would need to find a house in an area which permits me to drive to Kebun Jeruk or Central Jakarta in maximum one hour time, and the same applies to her when she is driving to Lippo Karawaci.

I have not been living in Jakarta for a long time and am therefore unable to locate an area which might be suitable for both of us.

I was hoping anyone of you could give me some advise on this matter, as it would be really appreciated.

Best regard

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