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looking for a sustainable solution engineer... (Jakarta)

Dear All…

I’m reaching out because I’m currently seeking for a new opportunity.

I have been working for more than 15 years in the hospitality industry; was in charge as the operational manager for the Ranchmarket “Ninety Nine” Restaurants in Jakarta, setting up a farmers market driven culinary experience.

Furthermore I gained additional expertise in the ‘Go Green” sector, where I build up a comprehensive project portfolio of sustainable solution incl. PV and other renewable energy technologies, Green Building prefab homes, water & energy management solutions, maritime protected development and several eco farming / permaculture projects.

That mean, I can tackle and solve problems that are related to energy, water, shelter, and food with direct access to manufacturers of clean energy/ sustainable technologies… From design till turnkey.

Especially for restaurant, hotels and resorts I can support with a strong capability to ‘futureproof’ many type of projects in terms of energy/water saving and organic quality food production.

For homeowners I can provide a maximum on independency using smart hybrid systems for energy and water demand while using vertical and rooftop farming technologies to provide organic quality food and drinking water from small to large scale.

With the prefab housing system I can also provide a complete zero energy home solution from scratch, with the support of highly experienced eco architects if a more unique design is needed.

A small standard design (2 bedroom / living room / kitchen / bathroom) standalone home, can be set up within 6 days. All Materials are tested and certificated water and fire proof, termite resistant, to provide long-life quality with a very competitive price compared with a conventional house.

If it’s only about reducing the energy bill, I can also arrange that you join the new PLN Net-Metering program, which means, that I can make the energy meter on your house going backwards during daytime, using a Grid-Connected PV System with German Technologies (modules/inverter)

I have a strong network in SEA and Germany, speak fluently German and English, and with a little bit more practice, I will be able to speak Bahasa also fluently in a couple of month.

I’m holding a KITAP which include a working permit. So we don’t need to face all this sponsor/kitas issues at all.

I’m open for any opportunity that might fit with my capabilities, but of course it would be on my dream list to continue with sustainability, where I can make money with saving the planet... rather than only to make money... and if so, and there is someone that might be willing to do an informational interview with me... Any introductions you could make would be greatly appreciated..

I wish you all a pleasant day…


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