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Looking for architect/urban planner (Jakarta)


I am with Damai Putra Group, a private developer active in the field of residential, commercial and township developments. We have projects all over Indonesia, one of which is a 2,000hectare development on the border of Bekasi and East Jakarta (Kota Harapan Indah).

We are looking for an architect for a housing project we have in Jogjakarta (+/- 6 hectares). The general scope would be in designing the site plan, homes, gateway etc.

Being sustainable (socially, environmentally, and economically) is a core value of our company. Ideally the architect would have some sort of green certification, but since this is still quite nascent in Indonesia, a portfolio showcasing a green inclination would suffice.

Please contact me if you (or someone you know) would be a good candidate.

Thank You!


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