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Medical Check up and Health Care in Jakarta

Hi Guys,
Im working for this Clinic called Miracle Executive Clinic in Central Jakarta (Indofood Tower level 8).
I would like to share with all of you about the services we provide.
We provide Basic Medical Check ups, mostly for new employers or workers who needs health check ups to apply Working Visa. We also provide Lab blood, urine and Fecal test, Dental service and our latest physiotherapy focusing on back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck stiffness and etc.

We are a small independent clinic which focus on patient care and provide the best quality at a low price. Although our doctors are locally trained, we have trained them thru rigorous programs and we believe that medical care should be free but sadly, we live in a world where our lives are driven by money.

Our medical lab results are as accurate as most labs in Jakarta (such as Prodia or Biomedika). The reason our clinic isn't as well know is because we do not provide 'Extra incentives' to the doctors who refers their patients to those labs. However, We recalibrate our medical instruments at least once a week to ensure that the results are near accurate(it is almost impossible to get a perfect accurate result, unless it's a top notch medical instrument).

If you would like to know more about what kind of medical service we provide and how much they cost,feel free to PM me.

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