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Moving Companies - Buyer beware (Jakarta)

We recently had to do a temporary move for 2 or 3 months and asked 2 moving companies for quotes. The move distance was approximately 6 kms between the 2 houses.

Kelly's Express and Santa Fe both here in Jakarta

I gave the same exact details to each company

Kelly's Express quoted 22,200,000 million

Santa Fe quoted 44 or 45 million (sorry I do not remember the exact number because I paid little attention to it after I saw the 4 in the number.

I had never used either mover in the past but was quite impressed with Kelly's and the way they packed, built and completely covered all furniture with cardboard shells as if you were doing an international move country to country. But as I said thismove was only 6 kms apart and they were very professional moving appx. 92 cubic meters of furniture and goods all in one day and came back the next day to put it all exactly where SWMBO wanted it.

I can also say that even though both companies offered a 2.5% fee for insurance coverage of appx. 1.5 billion in goods I did check with Allianz and they provided the same coverage for 1.5% of the stated replacement value.

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