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MV Putri Krakatoa - warning (Jakarta)


MV Putri Krakatoa ( Protected content ) do weekend sailing and diving trips from Jakarta to Krakatoa. A group of us used them for a weekend dive/snorkelling trip to Krakatoa recently and we had an awful experience, which I would like to share with you.
Throughout the whole weekend we never kept to the itinerary. We arrived 4 hours later than scheduled at Krakatoa, because the last leg was quite wavy so they slowed down a bit. But we lost 1.5 hours just waiting in the Jakarta marina before leaving, and they never acknowledged the missed dive, let alone offered to reschedule it the next day. The food was also terrible - because of the 'waves' were served breakfast at 11am (having seen the crew eat mie goreng an hour before - which strangely what we then had at Protected content on the second day breakfast consisted merely of spaghetti with sambal sauce and chips!
But the main 'highlight' was that we ran out of fuel on the way back and had to drop anchor out in Java Sea around 10pm Sunday (we were supposed to and were told we would arrive back in at 9pm). We were 14 miles from Jakarta, so another 3 hours more sailing.
The crew persistently lied to us before we dropped anchor, saying we would be arriving at 9pm or that we were only another hour away from arriving; and when they ran out of fuel, claimed this was as surprising to them as it was to us.
They wanted us to wait overnight at anchor in Java Sea for a re-fuel, but we insisted on them chartering a speedboat from Ancol to pick us up. We had had more than enough. They have since tried to take credit for this as their 'plan B', which is another lie was it our demand to them! We got home at 3am on Monday morning Protected content later than planned.
Since then the company have refused to take any responsibility for what happened (blaming the weather, instead of their poor planning) and generally showing their ignorance and lack of judgement. Instead of admitting mistakes were made and they could have done better, they have stopped responding to our emails.
The fact that an operation completely focused around running weekend boat trips from Jakarta to Krakatoa, and that has been 'operating' since Protected content , can get it so wrong in terms of planning (amount of fuel, timing, communication with their paying customers) is beyond belief. Running out of fuel so far out to sea, at night, in a busy shipping lane is simply inexcusable.
I would hate for anyone else to go through what we did, so I thought I would post our experience on the forum.

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