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Need help to save a little boy with cancer (Jakarta)

Who is this fundraiser for?

Saputra is a 2 year old little Indonesian boy living in Jakarta, Indonesia, who has developed a tumor in his right eye. The tumor is extremely aggressive and grew from nothing to what you see in the pictures in only 2 months.


Saputra comes from a poor family and his father Ridwan cannot afford the cost of medical care for his child. There is no social security in Indonesia and medical insurance is not affordable for people living on minimum wage (less than USD Protected content month). More over, hospitals in Indonesia require payment upfront before starting any procedure.

What has been done so far?

Mrs Indah Pujianti, who is a colleague of Saputra's father, has stepped in to help him get medical care from RS Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta. Via donations from family, friends as well as The Community Of Indonesians Living Overseas (Kekeluargaan Warga Indonesia di Luar Negeri), Mrs Indah has been able to raise the 70 million Rupiahs (around USD 6, Protected content secure Saputra a hospital bed (as of 11/15/ Protected content well as the surgery to remove his tumor (in Indonesia, hospitals demand payment of procedures upfront).

I am a French expatriate who lives in Indonesia and I am trying to help Mrs Indah get the medical care Saputra needs in order to increase his chances of survival.

What do we need?

Unfortunately, the funds raised so far by Mrs Indah will not be enough to cover Saputra's upcoming medical expenses including the very expensive multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

We need more donations as soon as possible because Saputra's cancer is very aggressive.

If you would like to donate, please do so via the following fundraiser page:
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We count on your support! Every little bit can help!

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