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New Expatriate Regulation (Jakarta)

Hi Folks,

The Government through the Minister of Manpower issued regulation No. 16 year Protected content the Procedures to Employ Expatriates dated June 29th, Protected content revokes the old regulation No. 12 year Protected content Regulation).

There are four important changes for expatriate employees and their employers: 1)Ration expatriate to local employees 2)Temporary plan for using manpower (RPTKA) and temporary work permit 3)Language requirement for expatriate in Indonesia 4) IMTA required for directors not residing in Indonesia.

According to the New Regulation, it is mandatory to obtain a temporary RPTKA and IMTA for the following activities:
1. Providing guidance, counseling, and training in the application of industrial and technological innovation to improve the quality and design of industrial products;
2. the production of a commercial film;
3. Providing lectures;
4. Attending meetings held with headquarters or representatives in Indonesia; and
5. Conducting audits, production quality control, or inspection at the company's branch in Indonesia.

IF anyone here has experienced one of the above mentioned activities, please share…


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