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Overworked at work (Jakarta)

i have a job teaching for 2 months. Before i came, I was told that my job would be 40 hours but really its a LOT more than that. Every hour in the office is super busy and theres little to no down time, including lunch. i think i do get paid for overtime but i dont want to work Protected content ! has anyone been in this type of situation? my responsibilities were changed (verbally) and i was told after i had already landed. im so exhausted -- i usually have to choose between eating or sleeping because i have no time. i was (still am?) also jetlagged and getting woken up before 3:30am. i thought i would have time to do other things while im here.

my company also provides me with housing. at first it was with the students which was also news to me. we all lived in a simple homestay. it was nice enough i guess, still pretty modest. the problem for me was that i had to answer questions from the students at night or be locked in my room. they just changed my housing (after i complained) to a pretty modest guest room in someones house with a bathroom. they rent bedrooms out to other expats (mostly from asia). is it this a typical type of employee accommodation?

i am also on a tourist visa. i wonder if thats better if i want to leave the position due to the changes.

it seems that the director does everything on the cheap and through his connections. for example, he said he will change my visa to a work visa to protect the company and he can do that because he has a friend in immigration. next month, the students will move to someones house and housesit.

i dont know the laws well enough or my rights or what is common here. i would love to hear your advice and experience.

thank you

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