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Part time Translator/Tutor (English/Mandarin) (Jakarta)

Hi guys/大家好
I would like to offer my services as a part time translator/tutor (Indonesia, English, and Chinese Mandarin) or other school subjects at weekends. 如果你们需要翻译,请联系我。
I would like to introduce myself, I’m a 30 year old dude now working in Jakarta (near Central Park / Tanjung Duren area). I went to China in Protected content study Chinese Mandarin and a Master in International Trade, then I went back here after I graduate in Protected content I keep having trouble in applying for work visas . So, now I’m working in Jakarta and I want to make some extra cash in weekends $.$ .
我是30岁男人,2009年我去中国学习汉语(在三峡大学)和读研究生(在武汉大学)。毕业之后(2014)我回国了因为我的工作签证都失败了, 55。所以我现在在雅加达工作。
As you can see perhaps my English grammar isn’t perfect. However, I’m quite confident in my English skill :D, as for my Chinese Mandarin its pretty decent but not as good as my English. I have a lot of experiences as a translator or tour guides (for example I took some guests from China to Padang for 3 days in January, and last week I took another guests to Cirebon) and I’m willing to go out of town if needed, I’m also really good at using google map and stuff so you won’t get lost .
我有很多经验当翻译,比如说:2015年1月我送两位深圳人去苏门答腊做研究,上个星期我送两位广东人去井里汶看藤条。我用谷歌地图很厉害的,所以你们别担心 嘿嘿。
As for my teaching background, I did quite a lot of private tutoring job back then (I taught math, English, etc). I was appointed as an assistant professor when I took my Master degree (can’t really refuse since I was on scholarship), I teach economics in an International Class consisted of Protected content from various countries (Africa countries, Ukraine, Thailand, UK, Korean, etc).
I can translate documents too, Indonesia to English or English to Indonesia. I won’t do Chinese documents because I feel my current Chinese reading isn’t good enough to translate documents.
If you’re interested, please contact me at Protected content , Protected content (Skype), BB: 7E0A4452.
如果有兴趣,这是我的联系方式:BB(黑莓): 7E0A4452, 电话/Whatsapp Protected content , 邮箱/Skype Protected content

Best Regards / 祝好

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