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Plans of New Business in Jakarta


I am very excited to be a part of the Jakarta InterNations family!

To introduce myself - I am an ex-expat hoping to return back to my country of choice Indonesia!
With huge business plans tinkering away in my head (for literally years), today was the first day I have happy and wholeheartedly admitted to myself (and publicized here) that I want to be self-employed! Hooooray!

So here comes my question.....

Is there anyone in our community who has gone through the experience of setting up a new business in Jakarta as an expat? If so, How did you start the process?

I am currently "googling" things like "self-employed, new business+Jakarta" and getting completely lost in cyberspace!
For example How do I know if I need a local legal entity (What does that even mean?) ???

Any advise/personal experience or comments would be valuable to me at this stage....
My business is in education and the Arts... I want to open a private art school for children & I am an Australian Citizen....



P.S. No, I'm not Indonesian, but I have an Indonesian name ! :o !

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