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Promo for my event:"I-Miss-Prom-Days Party"! (Jakarta)


Big hi to Jakarta INers!!

It is my pleasure to introduce my event "i-miss-my-prom-days party" today hehe

It is made out of inspiration to make an unique yogaish like experience of releasing pent up emotions that some people may have with their high school, whether it is love or hate or mix of both and the times when one's possibilities is still so limitless
all of these which had probably climaxed at the prom (or exploded there LOL)

we will sing (or scream) our hearts out to some of your old favourite tracks (definitely available!) , you can wail or cry or shriek in your most cheesy fashion and nobody will laugh or mock you (no one that matters LOL)(we will have oath of stupidity at the beginning LOL)
and after all is said and done, we are off to some silly games hehe:

1.musical chairs

2.make up song as we go along (must rhyme doesnt have to be on topic!will have a background music of a popular song)

3.light card games involving memorizing ur favourite singer's names

we will then end the lunch party with some wine and u can also bring home each of you with a cd with my prom-related playlist
sounds good?? LOL come sign up already!!

will be waiting for y'all on 19th K!!!^_-

Indra A
Consul of Music is My Muse

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