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RUPIAH (Jakarta)

Dollar rose again !
Can pass 15,000 ?

✽ Waking, what you drink .... ??
-When Aqua .. !! (whose 74% shares owned by Danone, the French company), or
-If Tea Sariwangi Protected content % shares owned by Unilever UK),
-If Drinking milk SGM (owned Sari Husada which 82% owned by the Dutch Numico).

✽ Then when the bath soap Lux and Pepsodent or disposable toothbrush (Unilever, UK).

✽ Eating rice imported rice from Thailand (Bulog was imported), sugar imports (Gulaku-Malaysia).

✽ Want relaxed meal, Sampoerna cigarettes (97% of shares owned by Philip Morris, USA).

✽ Want to leave the house on a motorcycle / car made in Japan, China, India, Europe just select.

✽ To turn on the air conditioner in the office made in Japan, Korea, China.

✽ Use the computer, HP (operator Indosat, XL, Telkomsel all foreign-owned: Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia).

✽ Go shopping to Carrefour has France. If not to Alfamart (75% of the shares of Carrefour).
-What About Giant?
It had a Dairy Farm International Malaysia, which is also the Hero.

✽ idly to Circle K of America.

✽ Take the money at ATM BCA, Danamon and BII, Bank Niaga, (aaah ... everything is foreign owned even though his name is still Indonesia).

✽ To build your home-made cement Three Wheelers, Indocement.
now owned Heidelberg (Germany).
-Semen Gresik 61.70% owned Cemex of Mexico,
-Semen Cibinong hers Holcim (Switzerland).
and much more if you want continue ....

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