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Save Bangka Island Petition – Stop the Mining! (Jakarta)

To all my Indonesian and Expat friends — our sustainability campaign needs your urgent help!

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Please join us and sign the petition to stop criminal miners and unscrupulous business seekers in order to save one of the most bio diverse marine an coral life spots in North Sulawesi (Indonesia)! It really is incredible how official agencies are trying to overturn existing laws from pure profit motive, and ignore the just recently agreement which were signed during a summit of the Coral Triangle Initiative in Jakarta on 28 Oct Protected content to mention one aspect — but we will outline all of them). It appears as a bad joke, but is corruption and hypocrisy in its essence. Read details on our page and spread the word!

We need 10.000 electronic signatures in our petition — we count on you!

Thank you for your concern … Terima kasih banyak atas perhatian Anda! :—)

We will soon have completed our press reader along so that the international press can get a better picture of the situation on the ground.
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This is a real urgent cause — I have been diving around Bangka Island reefs (Indonesia) myself in Protected content I want my son and future generations to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of nature as well.

What is 30 seconds to sign our petition and support sustainability in our world? Thank you — it's your planet too!

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