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Scuba Diving in Indonesia (Jakarta)

The pacific ocean is one of the most unique areas on the entire planet, teeming with life and sights that take your breath away.

Now after a little digging i've found no one seems to have arranged any sort of scuba diving trip around here?!

Bali has always been a obvious hotspot and im not ruling it out but there are other amazing areas not far from home that are available to dive, of course we all have work commitments limiting our availability but with a little rangling we usually have the weekends and there are literally hundreds of places a stones throw away from jakarta that we can dive for a day/weekend and have enough time to get home to jakarta for a sunday beer and relax

I want to create a group here, whether you are an experienced divemaster or a weekend paddler or simply just interested in trying it for once as an experience.

Anyone else here interested, PM me or post here and we can set up some sort of group

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