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Seeking for job: Experienced working at Embassy (Jakarta)

Young Indonesian worked as an Interpreter/Translator/Personal Assistant of Press and Culture Attache at the Embassy of Pakistan.

At the Pakistan Embassy, I liaised my Madam when talking about her house contract with the broker. I negotiated with the house owner when my Madam had some disputes with him which eventually successfully handled. Doing AC service, cable TV installations, and any requested building maintenance services were things that frequently Madam asked me to do. I also liaised the needs of other Pakistani Embassy's officers for their apartment contracts and electricity, for instance. I worked along with at least three office boys of the Embassy to get the job done. I believe that I have the communication skills to effectively connect with the locals to get the optimum services.

Before working at the Embassy, I also helped my Australian CEO to deal with some work like cleaning pool service, immigrations issues for his family, and other necessary requested issues.

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Twitter: @ijey

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